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We build smarter businesses.

Gimbut and Associates helps build mind share and pocket share through sensible strategies, deliberate plans and meaningful marketing tactics that give measurable results.

If you need someone who combines depth of global business experience with fresh thinking to solve today's business problems, you have come to the right company. From small one-on-one consulting assignments to comprehensive projects, Gimbut and Associates has the resources to get it done.


What we do!


Gimbut and Associates is a management consulting company offering strategy, planning, marketing and business development services for businesses and non-profits. Our services are designed to help companies of all sizes formulate the strategies, plans, measures and management system necessary for delivering customer value, managing growth and yielding results. We believe strongly in a collaborative model, and tailor our services for each client after jointly agreeing upon the needs, goals and measures of sustainable success. Please see our services page for more information on our capabilities and services.


Our Process:

Gimbut and Associates distinguishes itself by offering a consultative approach to solving client's needs. Our approach begins with interviews with the stakeholders to understand the problems, needs and objectives. Gimbut and Associates then designs a personalized scope of services and plan designed to achieve the agreed to objectives. Our strength is in coming up with comprehensive and practical plans, orchestrating the various functional areas (marketing, sales, product, and services) as required so as to deliver results. Rather than presenting a template program, Gimbut and Associates believes in providing a customized scope of services unique to each client.

The result is a fully integrated plan that is unique to your situation and designed for results.

How You Benefit:

You improve your ability to attract new business and better serve the business you have. You anticipate the competition and better understand the real needs of your existing clients. You have an appropriate funding plan to fuel your growth. You can manage your growth and have the insights required enabling you to adjust aspects of your business for long term sustainability.

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