Gimbut and Associates has a long and successful track record as business and market development leaders. We leverage our diverse skills, experiences and networks to identify the differentiators of a company’s success, build the plans and associated measures so as to build businesses, non-profits, as well as position and refine products and services for specific markets.  Our associates have over 25 years of collective experience in building robust partnerships with shared values and a commitment to become the "partner of choice" for sustainable businesses.

    Specifically, we can help you with services tailored specifically for your business across the following areas:

    Strategy: Defining your strategic advantage and the levers of success
    •  Overall Value Proposition Definition
    •  Business Models/Business Planning
    •  Market and Competitive Assessment and Positioning
    •  Business Intelligence / Business Metrics
    •  Evaluation and Assessment – All Stakeholders

    Planning: Creating the comprehensive and practical plans for your success while minimizing risk
    • Product Planning
    • Services Definitions:  Consulting; Planning; Implementation and Service/Support Offerings
    • Information Architectures / User Experience Design Definition and Plans
    • Packaging and Pricing Strategy and Plans
    • Strategic Alliances Strategy and Plans
    • Resource Management: Skills and Competency Development Plans

    Marketing:  Deliberately defining your value proposition and offerings across all channels that uniquely position your business, product and services.  Building strategic relationships required for collaborative market success.
    • Routes-to-Market:  channel strategy; value propositions and plans and measures
    • Technical Marketing:  Application Briefs; Marketing Materials; Proofs of Concept; Return on Investment Materials
    • Social Media Strategy and Plans
    • Strategic Relationship Marketing:  Alliance Strategy and Plans
    • Customer Relationship Management and Customer Care:  Processes, Tools, Measures and Plans

    Business Development:  Defining the management and measurement system and funding model for your sustained success.
    • Evaluation and Assessment System for All Stakeholders:  Process, Plans and Measures
    • Business Metrics:   Program, Process, Stakeholder and Financial Drivers Definition and Plans
    • Board Membership: Composition, Roles and Management
    • Sales Channels: Strategy, Skills, Territory and Account Management and Compensation Plans
    • Fundraising
    • Investor Presentations




    “Martha has very strong analytical skills, sees the bigger picture and is diligent in completing any assignment on which she is working. Any organization would benefit from having Martha Gimbut as a member of the team.”
    Barbara Rodgers, Owner, BR Consulting

    “Martha is a senior executive who uniquely integrates intellect and insights with strong human interaction and writing skills. She is really smart. Martha’s inquisitiveness and tireless energy digs into the real essence of an issue.”
    Steve Amos, Founder, 4empowerment

    “Martha has the unique ability to see the strategic issues and potential long term problems and still manage day to day activities. She is a gifted communicator and an extraordinarily intelligent and talented business woman.”
    Paula Hughey, Program Manager, IBM

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